Your Consultation

All great facial rejuvenation results start with a detailed assessment, an understanding of what you want to accomplish and a plan.

We’ll sit down with you for an initial free consultation in depth during your first visit to Facial Rejuvenation.  How this consultation evolves depends on what your goals are and the types of procedures that you are seeking – be it MedSpa Rejuvenation and/or Non-Surgical Facelifts with Botox and fillers.

You’ll first meet with Eileen Mielcarek, our founder and head of client care. Eileen will begin your appointment by discussing your facial aesthetic concerns, and she’ll help you broadly understand your options and what other clients have done with similar issues.

Facial MedSpa Rejuvenation

The first step in transforming your skin health and wellness with Facial MedSpa Rejuvenation is an expert skin evaluation to understand your skin’s true condition.  We assess both the visible surface and sub-surface by using the state-of-the-art Reveal™ Imager.

The Reveal Imager analyzes the skin’s surface and underlying skin to help evaluate hyperpigmentation, sun damage, textural issues, wrinkles, rosacea, spider veins and more. The multi-spectral analysis helps to identify the key areas that affect your skin’s health and appearance. We analyze your skin beneath the surface, where complexion problems begin.

The Reveal Imager allows us to fully analyze your skin and to design a treatment plan and skin care regimen specifically for you. As your treatments progress, we use the Reveal Imager to help track the changes and improvements to your skin.

Our recommendations will be based on your specific skin type and condition. We listen to your concerns and recommend the services and products that will work best for your specific lifestyle. Our goal is to develop a program that not only benefits you today, but also establishes healthy, beautiful skin for life.

Non-Surgical Facelifts

When you reach the point that you are considering a non-surgical facelift, we want to spend time with you to learn exactly what bothers you so that we can appropriately direct our consultation and specifically address your concerns. Our initial goal is to help you decide whether any treatment is right for you.

“You truly changed my perspective on what is possible for revitalizing my skin…”

Karen M., Newtown Square, PA