Jancee Dunn, a writer for Vogue, always “long resisted tampering with [her] face” and not “having any procedures done.” When she recently turned 50 however, she came to reevaluate this long-standing personal decision and began her own yearlong facial rejuvenation journey.

In the her first installment of a four-part series, Jancee undergoes “the first of many microtreatments that promise to define what it looks – and feels – like to be happily middle-aged.” This is an extremely personal and revealing article that anyone at a similar point in their lives will find of interest. (We will update this post with the remaining three links when they are published).

VOGUE: Are Microtreatments the New Facelifts? One Writer’s Yearlong Journey to a Fresher Look (January 11, 2017)