With Botox and fillers, their can be great results, good results and poor results.

Great Botox and fillers are customized for your individual face.  A skilled facial plastic surgeon takes into account the subtle nuances of the facial muscles that you use most.  They consider facial muscle balance from side to side, your job, your social life, and the look you want.  Getting it right is an artistic process, one that requires extensive expertise in the faces anatomy, the steady hands of a surgeon and the passion to get it perfect.

Good Botox can involve getting the standard four or five shots into your frown lines and you go on your way. It can work perfectly well, but there is no customization.  The range of results and what can be accomplished is limited, but if you are only worrying about frown lines, it can work fine for you.

Poor Botox is unfortunately common.  It results in a completely unnatural frozen look, or worse yet, where one side of the face looks different than the other.

In the spirit of showing what the difference looks like, we offer you the opportunity to review two articles – one using celebrities to show what bad Botox looks like, and the other showing celebrities who have gotten great natural results with Botox and fillers.

What Bad Botox Looks Like

NARCISSISTA: Bad Botox. What it Looks Like, How to Fix It (October 21, 2012)

Celebrities Who Have Gotten Great Natural Results with Botox and Fillers

NEWBEAUTY: Hollywood’s Best Botox (October 23, 2015)