Skin Care Products

Best Price – Expert Advice – Free Shipping

The medical grade skin care products that Facial Rejuvenation carries are sold to our customers at competitive prices, only limited by what our manufacturers allow.  If you find something less expensive, it is probably either counterfeit or being sold past its expiration date.

More importantly however, you have the advantage of the free advice of our medical team in finding out what products will work best for your skin conditions and care goals.  We’ll take the time to work with you to get it right.

If you visit our office, you find that we maintain extended hours for your convenience.  If you would like us to ship our skin care products to you, we’ll ship them for free.

What Is Are the Advantages of Medical Grade Products?

Facial Rejuvenation carries two distinguished lines of medical grade skin care products that we believe are among the best available – Obagi® and PCA Skin®. We also carry the Jane Iredale® skin care makeup line. More importantly, we’ll work with you to find the specific products within the many lines that these companies carry that will work best for you and your goals.

Medical grade care products are highly recommended for our clients to help you achieve your skin care goals.

Medical grade means they are only available from establishments, like Facial Rejuvenation, that operate under a physician’s license. This is important because the FDA regulates skin care products that include corrective ingredients that actually affect the skin.

The concentration of active ingredients in over-the-counter skin care products is limited to avoid harming people with the greatest sensitivity to those ingredients. Medical grade skin care products contain a higher concentration of active ingredients because they are only dispensed by medical professionals trained to evaluate whether that concentration is appropriate for each client.

The ingredient lists of most over-the-counter products do not contain the ingredient concentrations, which makes it difficult or impossible for you to compare over-the-counter and medical grade products. Depending on your goals and the condition of your skin, over-the-counter products frequently produce much poorer results than the those obtained from a medical grade line.

Medical grade skin care products are strong enough to reach, and correct problems in, deeper layers of the skin than over-the-counter products. Active ingredients such as retinol’s (Vitamin A), Vitamins C and E, and glycolic, hyaluronic, or lactic acids are most effective when they reach those deeper skin layers.