Pellevé System

Pellevé is a skin tightening and wrinkle reduction procedure that uses radio frequency collagen stimulation.

Translating to “skin lift” in English, this FDA-approved procedure stimulates the natural production of your existing collagen to treat a variety of symptoms, including sagging skin, wrinkles, lines between eyebrows and on the forehead, excess skin on the upper eyelid, crow’s-feet, sagging neck, and red veins.

Collagen is the supporting structure in the dermis: think of a sheet lying across a mattress. When we are young, our skin is tight, much like a new firm mattress. Over time as we age and are exposed to environmental pollution and UV rays, the mattress become less firm, and as a result, the top sheet begins to have creases and sags.

By stimulating the collagen with the Pellevé, we can begin to firm your dermis and epidermis layers, which will give you a lift, tighten up skin, and reduce wrinkles. A Pellevé treatment requires no downtime, and you can see immediate results. You’ll get amazing results without the cost of surgery or any downtime! Although you will see results with just one treatment, it is recommended that you receive three treatments over three months for maximum results.


The Pellevé System delivers constant, gradual radiofrequency energy deeply into the skin, causing heat to build up where the skin and fat layer meet. The increasing heat modifies the collagen bundles deep in the skin, causing contraction and stimulating the growth of new collagen over time. The result is wrinkle smoothing and skin firming.

The Pellevé treatment is virtually painless and generally quite pleasurable, unlike many other energy based procedures. It is a very comfortable skin tightening treatment that takes less than an hour. You can go back to work and resume your normal routine right away, and no one will know you have had anything done. You will appear more radiant!

Lasting Effects

The wrinkle reduction effects of the Pellevé treatment may continue to improve as your skin produces new collagen. In a clinical study, after one treatment, 9 out of 10 patients experienced a significant benefit. At 6 months, almost 90% of those patients still had a lasting effect.