MedSpa Facials

Anyone who has had a spa day likely knows about the refreshing benefits of a facial. At our Facial Rejuvenation MedSpa, you can enjoy medically enhanced facials that rejuvenate your appearance while enhancing the health of your skin.  

Facial Rejuvenation offers an advanced approach to skin care. Each individual plan is customized to help alleviate a variety of skin conditions, including dryness, dehydration, oily skin and acne, aging skin and environmental damage.

Our medically enhanced facials can be used in conjunction with a variety of other treatments to enhance your skin even more.   

Before Your Facial Treatment Begins

We love the uniqueness of everyone of our clients. Accordingly, we’ll design a custom MedSpa Facial Program for the unique characteristics of your skin. To help us do that, we’ll use our cosmetic imaging system to capture a detailed assessement of the current condition of your skin. It’s a free consultantion where you’ll be able to see the areas on your face that need the most attention – and it will give us a baseline to measure your improvements over time.

Your Treatments

At Facial Rejuvenation, you’ll find a relaxing atmosphere where we’ll use medical-grade skin care products for your customized facials.  

Medical grade facial treatment works thoroughly into the deeper layer of your skin, where collagen, elastin, and new cells are produced and reside, for a true approach for improving your skin’s well-being.

Medical grade facial skin care is quite potent and highly concentrated. Our staff is highly trained in treating your skin properly with these products in ways that will achieve the best results possible.


There is little to no recovery time needed after most MedSpa facial treatments. However, to enjoy long-lasting results, its important to couple your treatments with the right at-home skin care plan.

The Facial Rejuvenation staff will recommend a variety of different products that you can use to further your individualized facial rejuvenation process. We’ll also provide recommendations about other actions that you can take to keep your skin looking young and healthy.