A great makeup artist can empower you to put your best foot forward, helping bring out the best version of how you can look. However, if they use dirty makeup brushes as they practice their craft, they can create major health issues for you.

Such was the experience of Model Anthea Page, who recently penned a letter to all “makeup artists and those getting their makeup done” to warn everyone of the horrors dirty makeup brushes can create. She emphasized that she wasn’t writing her note to complain about modeling, which she thinks is a awesome job. But she did end up with a staff eye infection when proper hygiene practices weren’t observed by the makeup artists at a recent fashion show job.

To read more about Anthea’s bad experience, and what to watch out for, click on the link below for the full article from People magazine:

PEOPLE: Model Anthea Page Shows What Happens When Makeup Artists Don’t Clean Their Makeup Brushes (October 14, 2016)